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Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) services are deployed. It is important to have an effective SEM strategy to make your organization or product familiar and visible to all, while surfing the internet. SEM consists of paid marketing campaigns such as brand building, banner ads, classified advertisement, viral marketing and also free campaigns including social media optimization and email marketing.

How we do it:-

Infobeckons thrives on challenges with search engine marketing across Google, Yahoo , MSN and you name them. There are several factors that will influence the cost and time required to effectively market your site in the search engines. These factors include your competition, how much marketing you have already undertaken for your site, your website's content and theme, your business objectives, and of course, your SEM budget.

The Setup of Your Campaign

Client Consultation: Initial consultation to answer any questions and to focus your campaign.

Campaign Creation: We create a search campaign and remarketing campaign. We will setup specific geographic targeting, device targeting, bid strategy and ad scheduling.

Landing Pages: We use any of your website existing landing pages or use one of our best practices template landing pages (one included).

Ads: Text and banner ads are created for remarketing (creation of banner ads in various sizes - 1 design round only).

Features: We setup Negative Keywords (reduces spending), Long Tail Keywords (usually less expensive), Ad Extensions (allows for more interactions), Geolocation (to target specific customers), Multiple Campaign Setup (to segment ads and keywords), Multiple Ad Groups and Ads (to align keywords with specific ads), Device Bid Adjustments (to reduce or increase spending), Ad Scheduling (day parting to turn off ads in times you are not working), Ad Testing, Bid Adjustments (to stay on page one), and Keyword Match Types (to increase exposure).

Keyword Research: We will see what keyword phrases will be more effective by looking at past searches. The key to any campaign is finding the correct keywords to target: the ones that bring in the most traffic, at the least cost, that best converts to clients.

Call-Only Campaigns: Create a campaign that drives people to your phone and not your website. Ideal for mobile conversions.

Tracking: Call tracking and form tracking via Google Call Numbers, Analytics and Adwords.

Quality Score: We will work with you to optimize your quality score so that you can get the best search engine positions for the least amount of money.

Analytics: Installation of tracking and syncing with Google Analytics and Conversion Goals.

Other Options: We can also setup Bing, Display, Gmail, YouTube and other ad campaigns.

Monthly Management of the Campaign

Reports: Each month we will provide you a comprehensive report showing you all of the work done to keep your campaign at peak performance.

Optimization: Ongoing campaign optimization of ads and keywords.

Analytics: Analysis of conversions, time of day, days of week, geolocation type of device, extensions, and other analytics from Google AdWords and Google Analytics.

Ad Testing:Ad Testing: Creation of new ads and removal of underperforming ads.

Underperforming: Creation of negative keywords and also removal of underperforming ads.

Reports: Provide monthly reports, consulting, and monitor/manage the campaign.

Updates: Updates to the campaign to comply with Adwords changing rules regarding.

Payments: Ensuring payments go through and updating Adwords if they do not.

Costs:Our pricing is simple. We charge a low one-time setup fee to cover the time needed to consult with your firm, create custom banner ads, and setup the overall search and remarketing campaign at Google. We also budget for a low monthly rate to manage, monitor and most importantly improve the campaign on a monthly basis.

- Setup –$150 (one time)

- Monthly - $250 per month

- Ad Costs – You will pay the ad costs directly to Google. We do not mark up our services, unlike some competitors who charge 20% to 40% of the ad costs.

Key Benefits for you to choose our services:-

  • Cut Spending. Increase Conversions
  • No Contracts. Fixed Rate Pricing.
  • Exclusive. Ethical. Results.
  • PPC is Complicated. Make Your Life Easier.

We create text ads/banner ads for placement when visitors search for your practice areas in specific geographic locations. You only pay when someone clicks on your advertisement and we can control how much is spent by setting a monthly budget. The bottom line is that we can setup an account that will convert and lead to more business. The fees above cover the Google Ad program. If you want us to setup Facebook, Bing, Twitter or other campaigns, we are more than willing to do so, we simply work at an hourly rate to setup and manage the campaign. If you would like to test out new designs we can setup template and custom landing pages.

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